Nationals refund ticket deposits to 155 fans


December 17, 2004|By Ed Waldman

The Washington Nationals refunded the deposits for 155 tickets yesterday, the day after Major League Baseball halted the club's business operations.

A club spokesman said the team fielded fewer than 150 calls, with the majority of the callers asking about getting their $300-per-season-ticket deposit back. Some fans wanted to know why the team's retail store outside RFK Stadium was closed.

The spokesman said that when callers were told that a resolution to the dispute between MLB and D.C. Council Chairman Linda W. Cropp over stadium funding would come - one way or another - by Dec. 31, and that if they took their deposit back they would lose their seat location priority, most decided to leave their money with the team.

As of Monday, the Nationals had received deposits for more than 16,300 full-season tickets.

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