Key players in the D.C. baseball dispute

December 16, 2004|By Ed Waldman

Linda W. Cropp, chairman of the D.C. Council: Her amendment may have killed baseball in Washington. Can she be won over?

Anthony A. Williams, mayor of Washington: Brokered the original deal with Major League Baseball. Can he get MLB officials back to the table?

Jack Evans, D.C. Council member: The mayor's biggest ally on the council. He seemed to have smoothed over the last flap between Williams and Cropp. Can he do it again?

Bob DuPuy, COO of Major League Baseball: Led the two-year search that brought the Expos to Washington - or so it seemed. How much, if at all, is he willing to compromise?

Bud Selig, commissioner of Major League Baseball: Told a Washington audience two weeks ago that he wouldn't alter the Expos deal. Now we'll see if he meant it.

Oscar B. Goodman, flamboyant mayor of Las Vegas who doesn't consider the possibility of bringing the former Expos to the desert a mirage. He took showgirls to baseball's winter meetings last week to show the game's movers and shakers how much fun they're missing.

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