Fines opposed for `Ryan'

December 15, 2004|By ZAP2IT.COM

The Federal Communications Commission's normally fine-happy chief is urging that the regulatory group show restraint when it comes to ABC's recent airing of the Oscar-winning war drama Saving Private Ryan.

According to media reports, FCC Chairman Michael Powell will recommend that no fines be levied against the 159 ABC stations that aired Private Ryan as part of a Veterans Day tribute last month. Powell must take his opinion to the four other FCC commissioners, needing two votes for his plan to carry.

A number of conservative family organizations targeted ABC's Nov. 11 screening, saying that Steven Spielberg's World War II epic featured levels of language and violence inappropriate for prime time.

Powell determined that the FCC shouldn't take action because the language and violence in Private Ryan were part of an accurate representation of the events depicted in the movie.

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