Letters to the Editor


December 12, 2004

Seniors need relief on taxes, medicine

The Carroll County Commission on Aging is requesting the support of the legislative delegation on the following two items.

A recent newspaper article stated the Montgomery County Council voted 7-2 to accept a Canadian prescription drug plan. Along with the Montgomery County decision, I have read that other states have also made the decision to buy drugs from out of the United States.

Another recent article in the Carroll County Times dated Sept. 28, 2004, contained the following: "Legislation intended to reduce prescription drug cost for senior citizens and low-income Marylanders will be introduced at next year's General Assembly session."

A phone call to the Bureau of Assessment and Taxation revealed that a revamping of the circuit breaker tax program was put on hold from the last General Assembly session. My understanding is that data was requested from the Bureau of Assessment and Taxation and was due by Dec. 1, 2004, in Annapolis.

During the next session we need the language and limits changed. This is an important program, for tax relief that has not been updated. The program needs to address changes that have occurred in the rise of property values and the cost of living. These are concerns that for too long have cost seniors money they do not have while living on a fixed income.

Seniors need to be able to stay in their homes and have the essentials of life and be able to afford prescription drugs.

We implore the delegation to consider both of these changes to enable our seniors to have the lifestyle they desire and deserve.

Ellen Dix

Carroll County Commission on Aging chairwoman


Sam's Creek Church thanks bazaar patrons

The Sam's Creek Church of the Brethren, New Windsor, would like to thank everyone who patronized the 2004 Holiday Bazaar. It was another "Best of the Best" year for this event, complete with great weather.

Besides earning money that will go back into the community for outreach, there is always the fun and fellowship had by those who met weekly for months to produce the items for sale as well as for those who came on the day of the event. It is a much anticipated part of the Sam's Creek Church calendar.

May everyone have a blessed holiday season and the best of everything in the New Year. Remember always that Jesus is the reason for the season.

The Rev. Paul N. Leatherman Jr.

New Windsor

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