Net isn't threat, say musicians

December 09, 2004

Musicians aren't afraid of online file sharing, a study found.

In a survey by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, the majority of 3,500 self-defined musicians said that they do not see online file sharing as a big threat, and most agreed that current copyright laws are sufficient. Only 3 percent said the Net has had a "major deleterious effect" on their ability to protect their works.

Also, 43 percent said the Net helped promote and distribute their work, but 47 percent said it prevented earning royalties.

"Artists and musicians from all points of the spectrum, from superstars to starving singers, have embraced the Internet as a tool to improve how they make, market, and sell their creative works," wrote survey author Mary Madden. "They use the Internet to gain inspiration, build community with fans and fellow artists, and pursue new commercial activity."

CBS MarketWatch

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