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December 07, 2004

Biased coverage distorts record of the governor

Two years into the administration of Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., you would think that the governor's refusal to speak to two Sun journalists is the greatest calamity facing the state ("Ehrlich resolute in ban on Sun journalists," Dec. 5).

Last I checked, The Sun was still carrying many stories about the Ehrlich administration, and there were dozens of reporters still speaking to Ehrlich administration officials. The public still receives the information it deserves about the successes and mistakes of this administration.

Regrettably, reporter David Nitkin and columnist Michael Olesker seemed to delight in covering only the latter.

They painted a picture of a hard-right administration with no accomplishments, focused only on legalizing slot machines and cutting services. The truth is much different.

In two years, Mr. Ehrlich has eliminated much of a $2 billion shortfall he inherited upon taking office. He has pumped hundreds of millions of new dollars into education and transportation.

Mr. Ehrlich signed into law an unprecedented plan to revive the Chesapeake Bay. Under his leadership, the state's unemployment rate is among the lowest in the country.

These are significant achievements that impact far more Marylanders than the two Sun reporters being banished.

Chris Cavey


The writer is chairman of the Baltimore County Republican Party.

Sun should focus on objectivity

I applaud Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. for his actions against David Nitkin and Michael Olesker. Finally, someone has had the courage to stand up to The Sun, which, of course, immediately went scurrying for its lawyers ("Ehrlich resolute in ban on Sun journalists," Dec. 5).

The Sun's editorial staff and reporters have always put a liberally biased spin on their coverage, but their one-sided reporting was blatantly apparent during the recent election.

I would suspect if people had another choice in newspapers, any other choice, The Sun's readership would decline dramatically.

Until then, it should concentrate on hiring capable reporters who know how to write a decent story without injecting their own opinion or falsifying facts and figures.

Cooky McClung


Sun is right to sue for access to officials

I would like to thank The Sun on behalf of all Marylanders and other Americans for standing up for free speech and a free press by taking its case against Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. to court ("Sun files suit to lift ban on journalists by Ehrlich," Dec. 4).

The ban on state officials having contact with David Nitkin and Michael Olesker cannot go unchallenged.

What an unimaginative governor we must have who thinks the only arrow in his quiver as a politician is to deny his critics in the media access to public information.

As a lawyer, Mr. Ehrlich was, presumably, trained to research facts, organize a logical argument and present that argument persuasively. Apparently those skills have grown rusty from lack of use.

A reasoned rebuttal from the governor to The Sun's articles and columns would have gotten a fair hearing from most Marylanders. This act of petty retaliation will not.

And if the courts allow this tactic at the state level, it will be only a matter of days before we see it tried at the federal level.

Phillip Parker

Ellicott City

I want to express my appreciation to The Sun for bringing a lawsuit against Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.

I do not believe that our Founding Fathers had state-approved journalists in mind when they were writing the First Amendment.

Deborah Santor


Ehrlich lacks respect for freedom of speech

I thought this country stood for freedom of speech, but apparently Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. does not think so ("Ehrlich resolute in ban on Sun journalists," Dec. 5).

Under these conditions, Mr. Ehrlich should not be holding a public office in Maryland or anywhere else.

Gail High


Murdered child more than a fetus

After reading in The Sun last week about Laci and Connor Peterson's murder and yet again seeing Connor referred to as an "8-month-old fetus," I had to respond ("Laci Peterson's mother testifies in penalty phase," Dec. 1).

The people who refer to a baby as a fetus are generally those who are pro-abortion.

My baby girl, Lauren, was born at 8 months. She had all of her fingers and toes and an exceptionally strong grip.

She has grown into a lovely young girl of 5 who attends a wonderfully traditional school where they learn their prayers (gasp!), say the Pledge of Allegiance (egads!), and even know (and sing) the words to "God Bless America."

My daughter proudly sings these songs and says these prayers.

To call Connor a "fetus" is a travesty.

To think of the pain that that poor mother and child went through at the hands of that man is unimaginable. If anyone deserves the death penalty it is Scott Peterson.

Sharon Smith

Perry Hall

Keep the lawyers out of our pockets

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