A set of cold keys unlocks the end of a nosebleed

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December 05, 2004|By Joe Graedon and Teresa Graedon | Joe Graedon and Teresa Graedon,King Features Syndicate

Thank you for saving me from a most embarrassing situation. I am president of a small corporation, and we were making a pitch to an important client. I had been suffering from a cold for about a week and blowing my nose a lot before this critical meeting.

Fifteen minutes before we were to start our presentation, I blew my nose and immediately developed a nasty nosebleed. No matter what I tried to do to stop the bleeding, nothing worked. Then I remembered reading in your column about putting cold keys down the back of the neck. By this point, I was desperate and figured I had nothing to lose. Within seconds, the bleeding stopped. I don't know how this trick works, but I sure am grateful!

We do not know how it works, either. But so many readers have written about their success, we are sure that this technique does work at least some of the time. Putting a large, cold metal key or ring of keys down the back of the neck to stop a nosebleed is a folk remedy that seems to have come to this country from Europe a long time ago.

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