Letters To the Editor

Letters To the Editor

November 14, 2004

Congressman praises high voter turnout

I salute and thank each and every one of the residents who were among the 70 percent plus of registered voters in Maryland's 6th Congressional District who took the time to vote. I am very happy that a larger percentage of voters exercised this great privilege than did four years ago in 2000.

I am humbled by the enormous trust placed in me by the 68 percent of you who voted to re-elect me to represent the 6th District in the U.S. House of Representatives. To those who did not vote for me, I never forget that I work for you and all of the residents in the 6th District as your representative in Congress.

When Benjamin Franklin was asked after the Constitutional Convention to describe the kind of government our nation's founders had created, he replied, "a republic, if you can keep it." Franklin spent much of his life educating and urging average Americans to become virtuous and active citizens in order to keep our republic and preserve Americans' freedom and liberty.

Voters are the everyday heroes and heroines who sustain America's democratic republic by holding our government's elected representatives accountable.

I am thankful every day for those men and women who volunteer to serve in our military and to those veterans and previous generations who served in America's Armed Forces during times of war and peace.

We owe our precious right to vote as Americans to soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. Their loved ones who wait and pray for their safe return also serve.

We must never forget the higher debt we owe to those who were wounded and died to preserve the freedom and liberty we are privileged to enjoy as Americans.

Congressman Roscoe G. Bartlett

`Friends of Vote Five' see brighter future

We, as the members and spokespeople for the "Friends of Vote Five" ballot issue committee, would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the people of Carroll County for passing "Question A" on Nov. 2.

It represents a historic moment for the county and a wonderful opportunity for the future. This change is all about the future. It still leaves the responsibility to the voters to put good people in place as commissioners.

Only constant vigilance of that will keep this county in good stead. It makes no guarantees about cost or loss of rights. But it does assure everyone, that someone from their district, a neighbor if you will, will be there in the board meetings at Center Street.

That neighbor/representative will know what's going on in their end of the county. And in the same way that our delegates in Annapolis and congressmen in Washington work, the business of the county will continue. But like Annapolis and Washington, you will know that there is someone representing your area.

Sure there will be disputes. Sure there will be concessions and arrangements. That's how our system of government works. Dialogue and compromise are the order of the day in politics.

This new framework will allow Carroll to function in the 21st century, without a great disruption. Let us all pray for good leadership. And let us all work toward making sure we achieve that end.

James Harris Sr.

Harvey Tegeler,

Treasurer Friends of Vote Five Westminster

School board member grateful to community

First, thank you to the citizens of Carroll County for allowing me the privilege and honor to continue to represent you on the Carroll County Board of Education. I am grateful for and humbled by your support. Thank you.

I am blessed and most appreciative of my supportive family and wonderful friends and neighbors.

They help me serve you everyday. I am proud to be a small part of such an outstanding school system -- an outstanding system because of its dedicated staff, involved parents and grandparents, motivated students, and community and business partnerships.

I congratulate Mrs. Foley and look forward to working with her and my colleagues on the board as we continue to seek ways to provide the best education possible for our children and grandchildren.

Finally, I want to thank Mrs. Holt for her service on the board. She has been a friend and a dedicated and selfless public servant.

The worst thing that can happen to a decision-making body, such as the elected Board of Education, is that everybody thinks the same way all the time. Mrs. Holt brought informed opinions, raised new ideas, made us think differently on many issues and, as a result, helped the board make better decisions.

Tom Hiltz


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