Letters to the Editor


October 31, 2004

The lesson here: Adhere to covenants

I must respond to the Oct. 21 article, "Rules for tidy community can create mess for some."

Who is responsible for her so-called "mess?"

If Ms. Johnson had made the repairs as needed she wouldn't be in this mess. Look at that picture of the overflowing trash cans next to that ugly shed. Who created that mess?

I live in Columbia and I moved here because there were covenants that help to protect property values from people like Ms. Johnson who thinks the rules apply to everyone else but not to her. There is no way she could have gone through a settlement when she bought the house without being informed about the covenants.

This is just another example of someone who ignored the covenants, ignored the letters of compliance to the covenants, and now wants the community to ignore her adherence to the covenants.

Finally, if James Rouse, the founder of Columbia, was forced to comply to the covenants then Ms. Johnson must comply also.

Barbara Glodek

Oakland Mills

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