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October 30, 2004


Bin Laden addresses Americans

In a new videotape released yesterday, Osama bin Laden speaks directly to the American public, saying, "Your security is not in the hands of [Sen. John] Kerry or [President] Bush or al-Qaida. Your security is in your own hands." On the tape, bin Laden appears to taunt Bush, making an apparent reference to the president's continuing his visit to an elementary school classroom after he was notified about the attack on the World Trade Center. [Page 1a]

Mideast looks beyond Arafat

Ailing Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat arrived at a French hospital for tests yesterday while Palestinians were forced to confront urgent questions about their future. Israeli officials too are quietly preparing for the possibility that Arafat might not return. [Page 1a]


Videotape adds late-campaign jolt

President Bush said yesterday that "Americans will not be intimidated" by Osama bin Laden as a new videotape of the al-Qaida leader surfaced just before the election. Sen. John Kerry criticized Bush for failing to capture bin Laden earlier, saying, "I can run a more effective war on terror." The videotape jolted the campaign's closing days, accentuating the terrorism theme with a reminder of the Sept. 11 attacks. [Page 1a]

More Iraqi ordnance unsecured

While the fate of 377 tons of high-grade explosives missing from an Iraqi depot is unresolved, hundreds of thousands of tons of ordnance remain unsecured throughout Iraq, according to military officers and documents. They estimate that Iraq's total inventory is at least 600,000 tons. [Page 3a]


Poll finds support for slots

A solid majority of Maryland voters want to legalize slot machines, and most of those who favor expanded gambling blame Democratic House Speaker Michael E. Busch for the state not having the machines. The poll conducted for The Sun found that 57 percent of respondents said they favor legalizing slots and 41 percent said they oppose them. [Page 1a]

Transit chief, manager ousted

Two top officials at the Maryland Transit Administration have been removed from their positions by the Ehrlich administration, in a move the state's transportation secretary says is intended to improve morale at the agency. The Maryland Transit Administration runs the Baltimore area bus, subway and light rail systems, MARC trains and Mobility van and cab service for the disabled. [Page 1b]


Constellation's earnings up 9%

Constellation Energy Group's profit rose 9 percent in the third quarter, as the Baltimore-based energy company continued a strategy of aggressively selling power in competitive markets to businesses and utilities. Constellation's revenue for the third quarter increased 32 percent. [Page 12c]

Grace faces federal probe

W.R. Grace & Co. and several of its senior employees are the targets of a federal grand jury investigation into asbestos contamination in Montana, the Columbia-based company announced yesterday. Grace said the investigation is looking into possible obstruction of federal agency proceedings. [Page 12c]


Boston limits Sox parade

Because so many fans are expected in Boston to celebrate the team's World Series triumph, the victory parade today won't make any stops or culminate in a staged rally. Authorities won't let fans crowd into City Hall Plaza, where the New England Patriots held rallies after they won the Super Bowl twice in the past three years. [Page 5c]

Vikings' Moss likely to play

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss was upgraded to probable for tomorrow's game against the New York Giants after participating in an entire practice for the first time in nearly two weeks. Moss, who strained his right hamstring in a win at New Orleans on Oct. 17, made a token start last week against Tennessee but played just two snaps as a decoy. [Page 5c]

Blast survives with OT goal

P.J. Wakefield scored his second goal of the game at 1:32 of overtime to lift the Blast to an 8-7 victory over the St. Louis Steamers. Blast coach Tim Wittman was ejected in the third quarter for arguing with referees. [Page 7c]


Networks are cautious 4 years on

For the first time in the 56-year history of TV election coverage, the major networks and cable channels covering the presidential vote will aim not to be first to make the call on Tuesday night. The change is a result of the debacle of election night 2000, when the networks and all-news channels projected Al Gore the winner in Florida. [Page 1d]

Bentley's wardrobe on display

Curators working for the American Textile History Museum in Massachusetts descended this week on former Rep. Helen Delich Bentley's home, combing for days through the racks of clothes, shoes and hats the political powerhouse had amassed over the years. They were trying to determine what could be put on display. [Page 1d]

Boston provides a happy ending

That really was Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore making out on the field as the Boston Red Sox celebrated their first World Series victory since 1918 on Wednesday night. They were shooting a new happy ending for the Farrelly brothers' movie Fever Pitch. [Page 1d]

QUOTE OF THE DAY"We should destroy towers in America, so that it tastes what we taste and would be deterred from killing our children and women." Osama bin Laden, in new videotape (Article, Page 1A)
















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