Man shot by police twice this year

Off-duty MTA officer hits robbery suspect also wounded in Aug.

October 30, 2004|By Ryan Davis | Ryan Davis,SUN STAFF

Ten times this year, police in Baltimore have shot and wounded suspects. Twice they've hit the same man.

Dale Fauntleroy, who was last wounded Aug. 9, was shot again yesterday morning. This time, the 20-year-old was hit by an off-duty officer for the Maryland Transit Administration. The officer, Orlando Bordley, returned fire from Fauntleroy and another suspect fleeing the scene of an armed robbery in a West Baltimore Chinese restaurant, according to city police.

"For any other city and for any other criminal justice system, this would be unbelievable," said Matt Jablow, a spokesman for the Baltimore police. "For ours, unfortunately, it's not."

Fauntleroy was taken to Maryland Shock Trauma Center. His grandfather, Leslie B. Fauntleroy, said Dale Fauntleroy was released from the hospital yesterday morning and was awaiting charges at Central Booking and Intake Center.

As is standard, Bordley has been placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation by city police, MTA spokesman Richard Scher said.

The shooting marks another run-in with the criminal justice system for Dale Fauntleroy. He has a lengthy criminal record that includes 11 arrests, Jablow said.

In April, prosecutors dropped an attempted murder charge against him after witnesses could not be located. In May, they dropped a murder charge against him because, again, witnesses couldn't be found, said Joseph Sviatko, a spokesman for the city state's attorney's office.

Fauntleroy was arrested again in August, after being shot in both legs by a Maryland Transportation Authority Police officer.

Officer Devin Walker told Baltimore police that Fauntleroy shot at him as he was sitting on the steps of a house in the 2700 block of Parkwood Ave. Charges were dropped last month after the officer recanted some of his statements and refused to help prosecutors. The officer has since been fired and Fauntleroy was released from jail.

After being released, Fauntleroy was twice arrested on gambling charges, on Oct. 8 and again on Oct. 20, Jablow said.

Now Fauntleroy again faces charges in connection with a police shooting, just blocks from the first shooting.

According to city police and the MTA, Bordley, a 10-year MTA police veteran, was attacked yesterday morning while waiting for his order at Po Shan, a Chinese carryout restaurant in the 2700 block of Pennsylvania Ave.

About 1:20 a.m., two men entered the lobby of the restaurant -- which has a protective shield guarding its employees -- and announced a robbery, Scher, the MTA spokesman, said. The men brandished a gun and told the plainclothes officer to "kick it out."

A scuffle ensued, one of the suspects punched Bordley in the face and the officer threw down $300 from his wallet, police said.

The suspects fled with Bordley in pursuit and announcing himself as a police officer. When one of the men fired at Bordley and missed, the officer fired back, hitting Fauntleroy in the buttocks, city police said. Scher said Fauntleroy was also hit in the leg.

One of the suspects escaped.

"I don't know what happened this time," said Fauntleroy's grandfather. "People say the police are out to get him, I don't know."

After the first shooting, Leslie Fauntleroy said he and his grandson discussed their impressions of police.

"He said he doesn't like police because of the last time," Leslie Fauntleroy recalled. "I said, `They're only doing their jobs. Sometimes it's in your favor. Sometimes it's not.'"

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