Hutchins modifies Md. police structure

Lieutenants put in charge of all barracks

bureaus consolidated, renamed

October 29, 2004|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

In a bid to realign the department, Maryland State Police Col. Thomas E. "Tim" Hutchins put lieutenants in charge of all state barracks this week, moving several captains to other positions, a state police spokesman said.

Maj. Greg Shipley said that state police barracks have traditionally been run by lieutenants and that Hutchins was "returning to that tradition" by moving out the captains. Ten of the 23 barracks had been commanded by captains, Shipley said.

Also, two of the department's four bureaus - information and technology, and administration - were combined to form the bureau of support services, Shipley said. The elimination of a bureau means that one captain-level position was eliminated, Shipley said.

Hutchins "feels it's a realignment to give us a clearer mission," Shipley said. "It reduces the upper-rank structure of the department."

Hutchins also renamed the operations bureau "field operation," which Shipley said was a "salute to tradition." The homeland security and intelligence bureau was renamed "homeland security and investigation."

The changes took effect Wednesday, Shipley said, and affected about 50 people in the 1,500-trooper force.

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