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October 28, 2004|By Annie Linskey

Hometown: Baltimore

Current members: Dave Israel, guitar, keyboards; Erik Sunday, bass, vocals; Jim Schaffer, drums; Frank Burgess, guitar.

Founded: 1998

Style: Punk rock

Influenced by: Stiff Little Fingers, the Damned, early '70s punk rock

Notable: The "f.d.i.c." after the band's name stands for Finally Death is Coming (the title of its first record), or Friends ... Don't Invite Cops (the title of its second). It never refers to "Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation."

Quotable: Dave Israel on the truth about punk: "Punk is about anarchy, but playing in the punk band is more structured than any other music I'm involved with. We know what we're going to play when we go on. The band is about precision and practice. That was one of the surprises that I got when I joined the punk world."

Check out National Razor f.d.i.c. on Saturday when it plays at The Sidebar Tavern. UK Subs, VPR and the Dirty Eyes are also billed. Doors open at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10. The Sidebar Tavern is at 218 E. Lexington St. Call 410-659-4130 or visit www.

For information about National Razor f.d.i.c., visit www.nationalrazor. com

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