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October 28, 2004|By Sam Sessa | By Sam Sessa,Sun Staff

Yes, actor / comedian Denis Leary really is that angry. It's not just an act he uses when he gets on stage, it's an attitude he wakes up with every morning. He hasn't had time to launch a national comedy tour in a while, but his latest DVD, The Complete Denis Leary: No Cure for Cancer and Lock 'N' Load, hits stores Tuesday. Leary also plays fireman Tommy Gavin on the FX drama Rescue Me, which just finished its first season.

Do you ever get ticked off at people or things that really shouldn't tick you off?

No, they should all [tick] me off, because they're wrong.

So you're always right?

I hate to tell you this but yeah, about 95 percent of the time. The older I get, the more correct I think I become. Yep. Anybody who works with me -- they hear it all the time.

You're doing both production and starring in Rescue Me. Which do you like more?

It depends. I've never been crazy about acting. It's the way I've happened to make my money. In a perfect world I'd like to sit behind a camera the whole time, but to get [Rescue Me] done, I had to be in front of it.

What's been the reaction from real firefighters to Rescue Me?

Most of the guys -- especially the guys my age and younger -- absolutely love it. Then there's some chiefs who are a little older who don't think you should show that kind of stuff. It's too real for them. ... If you're not [ticking] somebody off, you're not doing the right thing. We get four cops out of every five saying, 'Wow that's great,' or 'Wow, the truth hurts.'

Is Conan O'Brien really your cousin?

Yes, he is -- much to his chagrin.

Is he funnier than you?

That's the toughest job -- the job him, [Jay] Leno and [David] Letterman have. I have a lot of admiration for him being funny. Which he is, consistently. I'd have to give him the blue ribbon on that one, because he's doing it 340 days a year or some crazy amount of shows. That's a job I wouldn't wanna have.

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