Alibis helped clear 2 in woman's killing

Detective testifies how police narrowed field

Howard County

October 27, 2004|By Gus G. Sentementes | Gus G. Sentementes,SUN STAFF

Attorneys for the Prince George's County man accused of killing a pregnant woman attempted to cast doubt yesterday on the 2 1/2 -month police investigation that led to his arrest.

On the fifth day of Tjane C. Marshall's first-degree murder trial, Assistant Public Defender Janette DeBoissiere questioned several members of the Howard County Police Department, including the lead investigator, Detective Sgt. Dwayne Pierce, about the death of Shameka Fludd in early May last year.

Fludd, 23, who worked at a day care center in Laurel, was found fatally shot in bed at her Oakland Mills village apartment in the 5800 block of Stevens Forest Road, Columbia. Authorities said she was shot in the face four times.

Prosecutors have contended that Marshall, 28, killed Fludd because he was angry that she planned to have his child. His roommate - Rashaun Wall - testified Monday that Marshall spoke of killing Fludd. And after Marshall told Wall he shot Fludd one night in May last year, Wall burned Marshall's clothes and tossed the gun in the Anacostia River, Wall testified.

Wall signed an immunity agreement with prosecutors during the investigation, and he helped record incriminating conversations that led police to arrest Marshall in July last year.

Attorneys for Marshall, however, have argued that there is no physical evidence that ties him to Fludd's killing. She was found the evening of May 4, but police believe she was killed early that day, or late the previous night.

In questioning from DeBoissiere yesterday, Pierce told jurors that detectives investigated two of Fludd's acquaintances in the weeks after her death: Eugene Jordan and Christopher Roberts.

Jordan was living in a federal Bureau of Prisons halfway house in Washington, and Roberts was living in Cheverly, Pierce testified. Fludd had an intimate relationship with Jordan, and she and Roberts had a child together, he said.

But Fludd had apparently had conflicts with both men. Jordan had expressed anger that Fludd was pregnant by another man, Pierce said. And Fludd and Roberts were engaged in a custody battle when she was killed, Pierce testified.

Pierce also said Fludd expected to meet Jordan on May 3, during the day or evening.

Tiffany Purnell, who worked with Fludd, testified yesterday that Fludd told her she expected to see Jordan and Marshall on the weekend she was killed.

But Pierce said that police determined the two men were not suspects because each had an alibi.

Records at the halfway house showed that Jordan never left on the night of May 3 or early May 4, Pierce said. And Roberts had driven to Ohio the weekend of Fludd's death, he said.

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