Council candidates echo diverse areas they hope to serve

8th, 9th and 11th districts offer mix of concerns

October 26, 2004|By Laura Vozzella | Laura Vozzella,SUN STAFF

The 8th, 9th and 11th City Council districts stretch from the western city-county line to the Inner Harbor, taking in the bright waterfront tourist attractions promoted on city tourism brochures as well as gritty, crime-ridden areas more likely to turn up on television's The Wire.

That diversity is evident in the 8th District, where Councilwoman Helen L. Holton, a Democrat, faces Jacquiline Johnson, who is running as an independent.

In one corner of the 8th sits Dickeyville, a 19th-century mill town with white picket fences and houses that look as if they were plucked from Colonial New England. Homeowners abide by the rules and regulation of a preservation district.

Not far away is Edmondson Village, a distressed rowhouse neighborhood where even the most basic requirement of the housing code - to board up and secure vacant homes - is commonly flouted.

The district includes middle-class neighborhoods such as Violetville and Westgate, as well as Uplands, an abandoned public housing development that is slated to be rebuilt with a mix of affordable housing and homes to be priced up to $400,000.

In the 9th District, Councilwoman Agnes Welch, a Democrat, is running unopposed. That district stretches from Carroll Park to Coppin Heights. The area includes Hollins Market and Union Square, site of the H.L. Mencken House, where the median home price was $75,000 last year. The district also includes Penrose, Carrollton Ridge and Mount Clare.

The 11th District is perhaps the most diverse, encompassing waterfront high-rises, abandoned rowhouses and middle-class neighborhoods in between. Councilman Keiffer J. Mitchell Jr., a Democrat, faces Republican challenger James Carlos Quigley there.

The district has the Inner Harbor and downtown on its southern edge and has Druid Heights to the north. There are bright spots beyond the harbor, where the median home price last year was about $260,000. The district includes Bolton Hill, where real estate values also have been soaring, and Mount Vernon, home to upscale restaurants and boutiques. But the 11th also has areas such as Harlem Park and Upton, where the median house price was about $40,000 last year.

8th District

Name: Helen L. Holton, 44

Party: Democrat

Occupation: Financial adviser

Education: University of Baltimore; MBA from the Johns Hopkins University.

Public service: Board member of Civic Works Inc., Northwest Baltimore Youth Services Inc., and the Johns Hopkins University Alumni Council and Executive Committee.

Issue: "Helping citizens transition from multi-member representation to single-member representation and addressing comprehensive needs and services, ranging from housing, redevelopment of communities, education, crime and drugs, public safety, transportation, health care, and intergovernmental relations."

Web site: None.

Name: Jacquiline Johnson, 58

Party: Independent

Occupation: Manager in jail review unit of the state Department of Public Safety.

Education: Dunbar Evening School; attended Community College of Baltimore City and Morgan State University.

Public service: PTA vice president at Rognel Heights Elementary/Middle School; member of the community group ACORN; member of Lyndhurst Community Association.

Issue: "Schools, housing, crime and the perception of crime - and you can't separate them."

Web site:

9th District

Name: Agnes Welch, 79

Party: Democrat

Occupation: Retired Baltimore City Department of Social Services community services worker.

Education: Douglass High School; Morgan State University.

Public service: Five-term city councilwoman; board member of Bon Secours Foundation, Downtown Partnership and Midtown Belvedere.

Issue: "The new 9th District is to me very neglected, with substandard housing and a lack of development and educational opportunities and a high illiteracy rate."

Web site: None.

11th District

Name: Keiffer J. Mitchell Jr., 37

Party: Democrat

Occupation: Financial associate with AG Edwards & Sons Inc.

Education: Boys' Latin; Emory University; law degree from University of the District of Columbia.

Public service: Two-term city councilman; board of directors of the Parks and People Foundation, Maryland Food Bank and Mount Royal Improvement Association.

Issue: "Education. I represent downtown and neighborhoods. In order for businesses to continue to thrive, they need schools. In order for people to move into our neighborhoods, they need schools."

Web site: None.

Name: James Carlos Quigley, 34

Party: Republican

Occupation: Restaurant owner.

Education: Wilde Lake High School; pursuing bachelor's degree at Towson University.

Public service: Army Reservist.

Issue: "To help disadvantaged individuals out there working, wanting to make life better in the community, wanting to voice their concerns."

Web site: Web site: None

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