Green Party candidate stresses outsider status

Allen limits contributions, rejects many Bush policies

October 26, 2004|By Childs Walker | Childs Walker,SUN STAFF

An article Friday on the 3rd District congressional candidates inadvertently left out the Green Party candidate. Here is a look at some of Patsy Allen's positions:

Green Party candidate Patsy Allen says she's running for Maryland's 3rd District congressional seat because she is tired of seeing such offices held by career politicians who are supported by wealthy donors and partisan interest groups.

Allen, 46, works as an environmental engineer at the Maryland Department of the Environment. The Towson resident has no political experience but says she sees that as a virtue.

"My daughter said to me recently that it's so great to see that a regular person can run for Congress," Allen said. "We should all be taking our turn in office."

Allen is running against Republican Robert P. Duckworth and nine-term Democrat Benjamin L. Cardin, the incumbent. The 3rd District covers portions of Baltimore city and county and Anne Arundel and Howard counties.

Allen is not accepting contributions from corporations, unions or political action committees. She said she won't accept any individual contributions greater than $250 and has raised about $1,000. Cardin had raised $763,290, and Duckworth had taken in $139,620 through Sept. 30, according to federal election records.

Allen expressed strong objections to many of the Bush administration's policies.

She said she protested the war in Iraq and hopes the United States will remove its troops as soon as possible, adding that the United States should try to persuade other countries to send troops.

She supports rolling back most of President Bush's tax cuts and offering government-supported health care to all Americans. She also favors raising the minimum wage.

She said the country has gone backward on most environmental issues. She criticized measures such as the North American Free Trade Agreement for being lax on environmental and worker safety standards.

She said she and her fellow Green Party candidates are able to advocate more aggressive policy changes because they aren't beholden to large companies or political groups.

"We really want people to know we're growing and that we are a real option," she said.

3rd Congressional District race

Source: The candidate

Patsy Allen, Green Party, 46, is an environmental engineer with the Maryland Department of the Environment. Allen has no previous political experience. She has a 14-year-old daughter and lives in Towson.


How should the U.S. manage its ongoing occupation of and

[ eventual exit from Iraq?

Allen: Says U.S. troops are an inflammatory presence in Iraq and should be pulled out as soon aspossible. Says U.S. should attempt to recruit international forces to take their place. Advocates continued financial support for Iraq after U.S.troops pull out.

What can Congress do to help protect and revitalize the Chesapeake Bay?

Allen: Says Congress should fund education programs so people from New York to North Carolina understand how their daily actions affect the health of the bay.

Should the Bush administration's tax cuts be maintained, extended or rolled back?

Allen: Favors rolling back most Bush tax cuts. Says the tax cuts have been beneficial primarily for the extremely wealthy.

What are the best ways to lower health care costs?

Allen: Favors universal, government-supported health care.

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