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October 24, 2004|By Maria Blackburn | By Maria Blackburn,SPECIAL TO THE SUN


What's so charming about charm bracelets? A new book on the popular, jangling, memento-laden accessory tells all.

Charmed Bracelets by Tracey Zabar (Stuart Tabori & Chang, $19.95) provides some insight into the history of these timeless accessories and a look at some of the stories behind some famous bracelets such as Lucille Ball's gold charm bracelet that celebrated the musical career of her husband, Desi Arnaz. And since Zabar is a charm bracelet designer with a client list of stars, she also includes advice on purchasing or creating your own charm bracelet.

Still not hooked? Well, what if we told you that Lisa Birnbach, author of The Preppy Handbook wrote the forward? Yes, we thought that might make a difference.

FOR THE RECORD - The Oct. 24 Home & Family section listed an incorrect Web site for Stila hair refresher. The product is available at
The Sun regrets the errors.

No more bad hair days

Hair is fickle. One minute it's voluminous and well-behaved, the next minute it's flat, oily-looking and limp. Stylists on photo shoots have long used the trick of sprinkling baby powder on limp locks to add volume.

Now you can follow their lead with the help of Stila hair refresher. The softly scented powder -- select either a vanilla-based floral or a green tea-accented floral -- adds volume to roots and leaves the rest of your hair looking shiny and clean.

Stila hair refresher, at, costs $28.

In the shadow

The only thing worse than a bad eye-shadow job is, well, bad eye shadow. Clinique's new Color Surge Eye Shadow delivers the goods with a deeply pigmented color in great textures. The powder shadow offers three finishes -- creamy matte, soft shimmer and pearlized sheen. And it's available in a bevy of colors, from Platinum and Buttermilk to Lot-A-Lilac and Faded Denim.

Available for $13.50 singles, $17.50 duos at such stores as Hecht's and Macy's.

Mix-and-match scents

Tastes change and perfume is expensive. The Coco you found so alluring last week might smell less than fresh when you take a whiff of Dior Pure Poison this week. Susanne Lang's Ready-to-Wear Parfum Roller Collection aims to help by providing a fragrance for every mood. The collection consists of seven pocket-sized bottles of perfume that can be worn alone or layered. Aqua Fresca evokes the scent of the sea. Yellow Blossom smells like the tropical flowers of Bali. And Anjou Pear is evocative of ripe fruit. Other scents include Cashmere, ExoticTea, Sandalwood and Vanilla Coconut.

So what's it going to be? Cashmere Pear? Fresca Tea? Yellow Vanilla Coconut Blossom? We'll just have to wait and see.

Susanne Lang Parfum Rollers cost $35 each and contain 3 ounces of scent. They are available at Barney's stores or by calling 212-826-8900.

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