Winners named in fire safety poster contest

October 24, 2004

The Carroll County Volunteer Emergency Services Association recently held its ninth annual Fire Prevention Poster Award Contest for elementary school pupils.

The winners are:

Homeschooled Grade 4: Savannah Field, first.

Winfield Grade 1: McKala Krauss, first; Anders Entwistle, second; Amanda Blaney, third.

Winfield Grade 2: Dana Biederman, first; Lizbeth Gomez, second; Kristin Hamby, third.

Winfield Grade 3: Jessica McWilliams, first; Zellie Wothers, second; Carissa Cowman, third.

Winfield Grade 4: Kaitlyn Talbott, first; Scott Fisher, second; Zachary Collette, third.

Winfield Grade 5: Stephanie Grzymkowski, first; Kayla Welsh, second; Todd Tackett, third.

Manchester Grade 2: Natalie Singer, first; Colton Macleod, second; Benjamin Eppley, third.

Manchester Grade 3: Megan Blair, first; Brooke Blankenship, second; Julian Schoming, third.

Manchester Grade 4: Dani Zepp, first; Brianna Sadler, second; Alex Koogle, third.

Spring Garden Grade 1: Regan Ford, first; Bradley Turfle, second; Cydney Younger, third.

Spring Garden Grade 2: Ryland Chapman, first; Kamen Siperko, second; Michelle Rogers, third.

Spring Garden Grade 3: Emily Harrison, first; Amanda Tutalo, second; Shana Hafele, third.

Spring Garden Grade 4: Emily Rund, first; Carlyn Mays, second; Emily England, third.

Spring Garden Grade 5: Kaitlyn Bailey, first; Megan Harrison, second; Amanda Derr, third.

Cranberry Station Grade 1: Brandon Gist, first; Kyle Golden, second; Claire Peterson, third.

Cranberry Station Grade 2: Katie Worthy, first; Zoe Mace, second; Erin McGuire, third.

Cranberry Station Grade 3: Rachel Barnett, first; Courtney Scoone, second; Katherine Pardoe, third.

Cranberry Station Grade 4: Michaela Stitely, first; Danielle May West, second; Caroline Dausch, third.

Cranberry Station Grade 5: Taylor Gress, first; Kara LaRose, second; Hayley Joy, third.

Runnymede Grade 1: Leanne Malat, first; Ryan Arrington, second; Christopher White, third.

Runnymede Grade 2: Alivia Burdette, first; Casey Fair, second; Katelyn Ensor, third.

Runnymede Grade 3: Macie Yetto, first; Elizabeth Lowenthal, second; Caroline Greer, third.

Runnymede Grade 4: Andrea Sebastian, first; Samantha Kinney, second; Zack Hall, third.

Runnymede Grade 5: Erika Davis, first; Keri Roberson, second; Xavier Thomas, third.

Sandymount Grade 1: Carlie Webbert, first; Denton Peatt, second; Riley Zentz, third.

Sandymount Grade 2: Macy Goldbach, first; Nicole Kruppa, second; Joshua Garland, third.

Sandymount Grade 3: Alison Klebous, first; Kyle Ratti, second; Katherine Hocheder, third.

Sandymount Grade 4: Kyle Murphy, first; Jillian Ryan, second; Ben Kohn, third.

Sandymount Grade 5: Gabby Kahney, first; Alexandra Holt, second; Morgan Eichensehr, third.

Taneytown Grade 1: Emily Jeffers, first; Preslie Bennett, second; Emanuel Ruth, third.

Taneytown Grade 2: Winter Mitchell, first; Casey Smith, second; Hannah Johnson, third.

Taneytown Grade 3: Andrew Jones, first; Kayla Bennett, second; Brittani Armstrong, third.

Taneytown Grade 4: Billy Trout, first; Ashley Lease, second; Kayla Shipley, third.

Taneytown Grade 5: Natalie Phennicie, first; Fayth Hagan, second; Jennifer Wiedl, third.

Elmer Wolfe Grade 1: Tara Carr, first; Kristan Wroten, second; Kurt Bopst, third.

Elmer Wolfe Grade 2: Tayman Baker, first; Brooke Boyd, second; Lexi Antkowiak, third.

Elmer Wolfe Grade 3: Garrett Manning, first; Ryan Warren, second; Kristi Winn, third.

Elmer Wolfe Grade 4: Brittany Follmeyer, first; Joseph Coshun, second; Julie Baran, third.

Elmer Wolfe Grade 5: Amber Groves, first; Lisa Cole, second; Luke Etzler, third.

Grand Prize Winners: Grade 1, Regan Ford, Spring Garden; Grade 2, Alivia Burdette, Runnymede; Grade 3, Rachel Barnett, Cranberry Station; Grade 4, Michaela Stitely, Cranberry Station; Grade 5, Amber Groves, Elmer Wolfe.

Carroll County public library branches will display the winning posters next month as follows: Mount Airy branch, Winfield; Eldersburg branch, Runnymede, Cranberry Station and Sandymount; Westminster branch, Manchester, Elmer Wolfe, Homeschool, Taneytown and Spring Garden.

A reception for the winners will be held at 2 p.m. Nov. 7 at the Winfield Community Volunteer Fire Department social hall at 1320 W. Old Liberty Road.

All school staff and pupils and their families who participated are welcome to attend the reception. All winners will receive a ribbon and a gift, and grand prize winners will also receive a certificate.

Pupils who cannot attend the awards ceremony will receive their ribbon/certificate through their school the following week.

Information: CCVESA Prevention Chair, Debbie Gartrell Kemp, 410-875- 9587 (before 9 p.m.).

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