Pesky has firm grip on memory of 1946


October 23, 2004|By Peter Schmuck

BOSTON - In Johnny Pesky's glove story, being a member of the Boston Red Sox means always having to say you're sorry.

Pesky sat at a locker in the Red Sox clubhouse yesterday and relived the 1946 World Series, which the Red Sox lost to the St. Louis Cardinals after he allegedly hesitated on a relay from the outfield to allow Enos Slaughter's mad dash around the bases in Game 7.

The story has evolved over the years. Pesky originally took the blame after Slaughter scored from first base on a hit in the bottom of the eighth inning by Harry "The Hat" Walker. But Pesky now insists he did not hold the ball, and teammates - most notably Dom DiMaggio - have come forward over time to say that the play was not entirely Pesky's fault.

Pesky, 85, is living proof that Red Sox fans have long memories.

"I heard it even coming out of breakfast the other day," Pesky said. "Some [wise guy] said, `Do you think they are going to hold the ball?"

- Peter Schmuck

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