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October 23, 2004


In final days, Bush courts donors

With time running out in a tight race for the White House, President Bush spent a couple of hours last night huddling in private with a group of campaign contributors in Florida. The stop shows the power of the purse in this year's presidential campaign - which is expected to be history's first $1 billion race. [Page 1a]

Kerry calls on women voters

President Bush has retooled his stump speech with an emphasis on helping families as Sen. John Kerry makes a bid to appeal to women - a disproportionately large share of undecided voters. Women's support could be crucial to his chances of winning Nov. 2. [Page 3a]

Voter registration fraud alleged

In several battleground states, a consulting firm funded by the Republican National Committee has been accused by ex-employees of deceiving would-be voters and destroying Democratic voter registration cards. [Page 3a]


Jury finds prison guards guilty

In a rare decision, a federal jury in Baltimore yesterday found that two Western Correctional Institution officers violated an inmate's constitutional rights by assaulting him and awarded him $45,001. The award comes as the Justice Department is studying prisoners' claims of abuse by officers and, separately, the FBI is investigating an inmate's death in April. [Page 1a]

Teen charged in school shootings

Police charged a 16-year-old youth from East Baltimore with attempted murder yesterday in connection with the shooting of two brothers outside Thurgood Marshall High School. The shootings Thursday capped a difficult week for city officials trying to allay community concerns over school safety. [Page 1a]

Bridge drivers face major delay

The westbound span of the Bay Bridge will shut down for a month to one lane for most of Mondays through Thursdays as workers scramble to redo a botched resurfacing job before the weather becomes cold. Transportation Secretary Robert L. Flanagan said drivers will face lengthy backups on the bridge starting Monday. [Page 1b]


More FluMist from MedImmune

Gaithersburg-based MedImmune Inc. is bumping up production of its FluMist vaccine and expects to make 3 million doses for this winter's flu season to cushion fallout from the production problems that blocked nearly half of the 100 million doses of flu vaccine designated for the United States. [Page 12c]

Job losses come as surprise

Maryland employers cut 2,400 jobs last month, according to federal estimates, puzzling economists because they have seen no sign of big layoffs here. That followed a decrease of 2,200 jobs in August, after what had been steady growth earlier in the year. [Page 12c]


Police response questioned

The death of a college student from a pepper-spray-filled projectile sparked anger and questions about whether Boston police used too much force Wednesday to break up rowdy Red Sox revelers outside Fenway Park. Mayor Thomas Menino said more police will be at neighborhood bars during the World Series to make sure fans do not get too drunk, but he backed off his threat to ban alcohol in the area during the games. [Page 6a]

Two Bears given flu shots

The Chicago Bears gave scarce flu vaccines to two players who have asthmatic conditions that placed them at high risk of developing influenza, the team said. Healthy players who asked whether they should receive the vaccinations were told no, Bears spokesman Scott Hagel said. [Page 7c]

Billick names Taylor to start

In a surprising move, Ravens coach Brian Billick said wide receiver Travis Taylor will start tomorrow's game against the Buffalo Bills at M&T Bank Stadium. Billick usually reserves the right to not name starters, but he made a point to say Taylor, who has been out with a strained groin, will resume his starting role. [Page 8c]


Short, single and unlucky in love

A lonely romantic, 5-foot-6 Dan Jacobs hits the highways of America for 50 dates, No. 11 being in Baltimore. He's hoping to end up with a 90-minute documentary, and true love. [Page 1d]

Fall's thermostat wars begin

It's that time of the year. While people all across the country are making hard decisions between Red America or Blue America, Bush or Kerry, residents of this chilly region are struggling with another important battle: Put on a sweater or turn on the heat? [Page 1d]


"It's like a marriage. We have our ups and downs, but we stay together and we're stronger for it."

Steve Silva, webmaster of, on the loyalty of Red Sox fans (Article, Page 1C)
















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