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Who better than stylist-to-the-stars Phillip Bloch to ask about ponchos, plastic surgery and Bush vs. Kerry: the fashion campaign.

October 21, 2004|By Tanika White | Tanika White,SUN STAFF

When stylist-to-the-stars Phillip Bloch tells Halle Berry to wear a dress, she's photographed in it in every magazine in America. When he tells Jessica Simpson to leave something on the rack, she drops it like a bad script.

We caught up with Bloch at his home in Los Angeles yesterday to ask him a few really important questions about fashion, figures and all-around fabulousness.

Here's what Bloch, who will be in town this weekend, had to say:

Atkins or South Beach?

I have a lot of friends on South Beach, so I have to say South Beach. And I'm a no-carb person myself. I'm just an exercise-stretch person. If you can't get to a gym, if you can't put yourself on all these diets, then stretch. You can do it at home. Stretching makes such a big difference.

Teresa Heinz Kerry or Laura Bush?

I really like Laura Bush. I'd like to work with her. I'd love to dress Hillary Clinton. I just love her. I think she's great. She and her husband are just brilliant. Teresa Heinz Kerry, I don't dislike her. I think she's cool. But she's no Jackie O.

Ponchos: Appalling or merely hideous?

A fashion trend for everybody. It's one of those fashion trends that works for every body type. And it's rare that that happens. I love it that there's a fashion trend out there for real women to wear, and not just on the runway.

But I'm definitely at the Bennifer level with them. Which means I've had enough of them.

The most common fashion mistake is ...

Not looking in a mirror. You gotta really look at yourself carefully and say, "Does this really look good on me?" I mean some people are just, "What were they thinking?"

A woman has just $100 to spend: What should she buy?

At the end of the day, I'd have to say a good accessory. Go for a great belt, with a simple black pant and a black turtleneck. Or a great pin. This is a good season for accessories.

Who's hotter: Jessica or Ashlee Simpson?

Jessica. Absolutely. I like her. We're friends. People don't even know how beautiful she really is. And she's actually smart. She's funny and she's smart. She's just found a little gimmick that works for her and she's run with it. But she's actually smart.

Can there ever really be a new black?

Every season there's a new black, but black is always black.

What is this season's black?

Money green is pretty in there. But then again, you can't do money green like you do black.

I'm a good friend of chocolate brown or navy or charcoal gray as the new black. And even burgundy is really nice. But then again you don't want to be in all burgundy. If you're all in green, you look like a pea. If you're in all pink, you look like a flower.

Your car is a ...

A Dodge Dakota convertible pickup truck. It's black.

Do you TiVo?

No, I don't.

What's your favorite TV show?

I have to admit. I'm a big soap opera fan. So I watch Soapnet at night. Do you all have Soapnet there? It's the soap opera channel. I watch All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital. I watched them since I was a little kid with my mom.

My guilty pleasure would have to be The Apprentice and Nick and Jessica, the Newlyweds.

I used to love Sex and the City and Friends, but no more. What a bummer. All the good ones are gone.

What shoes do you have on now?

It's really early in the morning, so I have nothing on my feet.

But I wear a lot of Sergio Rossi. And I wear a lot of Reebok sneakers.

Favorite scent?

I wear oils. But I like them to be very clean scents. Like a fabric softener or a baby powder. Fresh clean scents.

Seven jeans or Citizens of Humanity?

Levi's. I'm a classic.

Is low-rise really on its way out?

I think that nothing is on its way out now. People that want to show their [butt] crack and people who want to show their thong, they're gonna wear low-rise. As long as MTV exists, low-rise will still be in.

You were voted one of People magazine's hottest bachelors and "one of the most lusted after men in fashion" by Cosmopolitan. What gives you your super sex appeal?

Good skin. Nice eyes. Good personality, which is part of the job. You have to make people feel good in whatever they're wearing or whatever they're doing.

Plastic surgery?

I think that the good Lord giveth and the good Lord taketh away. And if you personally choose to change that process, and you can afford it, God bless. I don't believe in pimping out your kid so you can go get plastic surgery. And I don't think you should do it for the wrong reasons, but if it makes you feel good, then why not?

You're going to be doing a Q&A and an autograph session at a Hecht's Women's World Fashion Show, which is a plus-size event. Do you work with a lot of plus-size women?

A lot of the actresses are small. But I'm used to working with women with curves, with real bodies. OK, they're not plus-size. But they're curvy. People like Salma Hayek and Halle Berry. I've worked with everybody from Kirstie Alley to Cybill Shepherd. I've worked with women of all shapes and sizes. Size is just a number, sorta like age. People want to feel sexy. They want to feel pretty.

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