Wandering wallaby captured by Severn couple

October 20, 2004|By Sarah Schaffer | Sarah Schaffer,SUN STAFF

After weeks of evading animal control officers, a wallaby that may have spent months wandering the woods of Anne Arundel County was caught Monday night by a couple in Severn.

The brown-and-white marsupial - resembling a small kangaroo and typically found in the outback of Australia - was captured by Ken and Jean Lauer when they lured it into a dog cage set up on their 2-acre property near the Millersville landfill.

Jean Lauer said she and her husband had been feeding the creature a mix of apples, corn and specially ordered "kangaroo pellets" since moving into their house on Terry Lee Way five weeks ago. Their neighbors, she said, had seen the wallaby in the area as early as May.

As soon as the Lauers captured the wallaby Monday, they called Debbie Collison, the owner of a petting farm in Davidsonville who owns another wallaby. Collison was able to wrangle the wallaby into her vehicle so that it could be transported to the county's animal shelter in Millersville.

The 17-pound juvenile, which Collison said might double in size by the time it is fully grown, received a clean bill of health. It was then permitted to live temporarily at Collison's facility.

If the wallaby's owner does not claim it by Monday, Collison will adopt it permanently.

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