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October 20, 2004


Turnout key in presidential race

All elections are ultimately decided by turnout, but no presidential contest in decades has been more focused on getting voters to the polls than this one. The "ground war" could decide who inhabits the Oval Office for the next four years, as both sides make an unprecedented effort to identify and mobilize supporters. [Page 1a]

Social Security give and take

More than 47 million Americans will get a 2.7 percent increase in their Social Security checks starting in January, meaning an additional $25 per month for the typical retiree. But almost half of that gain will be gobbled up by a record increase in Medicare premiums. [Page 3a]

More flu vaccine available

Federal health officials said that 2.6 million additional doses of flu vaccine will be available in January, and they're scouring the globe for more vaccine to replace some of the 48 million shots lost to contamination at a British manufacturing plant. [Page 3a]


CARE director in Iraq abducted

The Iraq director of CARE International, one of the country's leading humanitarian workers, was abducted on her way to her office in Baghdad. [Page 1a]

Bombing thwarted in Spain

Spanish authorities said they had broken up a radical Muslim cell and thwarted a major bombing. Meanwhile, graphic video from the deadly Madrid train bombings was broadcast publicly for the first time yesterday. [Page 13a]


Ehrlich backed secret land deal

The governor endorsed a secret land deal creating a tax break worth up to $7 million for a politically connected builder, State Department of General Services Secretary Boyd K. Rutherford told a panel of lawmakers. [Page 1a]

Workers punished in inmate death

The company that provides health services to inmates in Maryland prisons said it has disciplined four employees in connection with the treatment of Deborah Epifanio, whose death last month is under state investigation. [Page 1b]


Reporter's remarks cost him job

Television reporter Jon Leiberman's comments about his employer, Sinclair Broadcast Group, brought him national attention, and now he's out of a job. [Page 1c]


Sinclair scales back Kerry show

Faced with mounting criticism, Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. said that it doesn't plan to air in its entirety a controversial documentary about Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's anti-war activism. The Hunt Valley company also said it will pare by one-third the number of stations on which the program will air. [Page 1a]

Bank to buy building from CEO

First Mariner Bancorp said that it has agreed to buy its headquarters building in Baltimore's Canton area for $20 million from Edwin F. Hale Sr., the banking company's chairman, chief executive and largest stockholder. [Page 1d]

Black & Decker to cut 700 jobs

Black & Decker Corp. said yesterday it plans to eliminate as many as 700 jobs and close two factories as it merges its operations with those of a company it bought this month. The job cuts include up to 20 professional tool engineering positions at the company's Towson headquarters through layoffs, voluntary severance packages and transfers. [Page 1d]


Red Sox force Game 7 in ALCS

The Boston Red Sox defeated the New York Yankees, 4-2, in Game 6 of the American League Championship Series, becoming the first team in baseball history to force a seventh game after losing the first three games of the series. Game 7 is scheduled for tonight at Yankee Stadium. [Page 1e]

Sprinter gets 4-year suspension

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Alvin Harrison accepted a four-year suspension from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency for drug violations uncovered in the BALCO case. The 30-year-old American sprinter was charged with violations of anti-doping rules. [Page 2e]



Get developments and read archived coverage about the controversy surrounding Sinclair Broadcast Group's plans to air Stolen Honor.


The director of CARE International's operations in Iraq was abducted yesterday in Baghdad. Updates on that story, plus archived coverage of the war, are available in our online Iraq gallery.


"I've been raising red flags for months. I didn't just fly off the handle and decide to talk to you - this is an agonizing process."

Jon Leiberman, fired Washington bureau chief of Sinclair Broadcast Group (Article, Page 1C)














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