Making the most of leftovers

October 20, 2004|By Bill Daley | Bill Daley,CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Looking for ways to use up leftovers? Here are some suggestions posted on online food forums such as eGullet (, Chowhound ( and the LTHforum (lth

Jeff Wilhoit of Lake Zurich, Ill.: Puree cooked vegetables with broth and/or milk or cream for a quick soup. Marinate cooked meat in lime juice spiked with diced jalapeno; serve the meat as is or chop for a taco filling.

Robert Buxbaum of New York City: Quickly cool just-cooked asparagus in ice water, then toss with a vinaigrette for a next-day salad.

Brooks Hamaker of Abita Springs, La.: Keep a supply of refrigerated pizza dough on hand. Leftover meat or vegetables can be folded into the dough and baked for a calzone.

Barbara During Harris of Philadelphia: Place leftover tomato paste in a plastic bag, squeeze it flat and freeze. Break off paste a bit at a time to enrich sauces.

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