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Seahawks (3-1) at Patriots (4-0)

Line: Patriots by 3 1/2

Lowdown: The last time the Seahawks had a fourth-quarter collapse like last week's was a year ago in Baltimore. The next week, Seattle blew away Cleveland, 34-7. But the Patriots aren't the Browns, and the Seahawks aren't unbeaten any longer. In New England, the beating goes on.

The pick: Patriots


Chargers (3-2) at Falcons (4-1)

Line: Falcons by 5

Lowdown: QB Drew Brees, taken 31 picks after Michael Vick in the 2001 draft, has beaten three AFC South teams this year. Now, he catches a Falcons team that is either mad after losing to Detroit or questioning its West Coast offense. Expect mad.

The pick: Falcons

Panthers (1-3) at Eagles (4-0)

Line: Eagles by 9

Lowdown: If this were truly payback time, the Eagles would go directly to the Super Bowl with a convincing win. But this will be another statement game that shows how far the Eagles have come in a year.

The pick: Eagles

Steelers (4-1) at Cowboys (2-2)

Line: Cowboys by 3

Lowdown: QB Ben Roethlisberger is 3-0 as a starter, but his next three starts are against Dallas, New England and Philadelphia. This is the only one of the three he can win, and that's not likely.

The pick: Cowboys

Broncos (4-1) at Raiders (2-3)

Line: Broncos by 1 1/2

Lowdown: After throwing six interceptions in his first two starts for Oakland, QB Kerry Collins faces CB Champ Bailey. This is the game Denver coach Mike Shanahan loves to win; he's 14-4 vs. Al Davis' team.

The pick: Broncos

Texans (2-3) at Titans (2-3)

Line: Titans by 6 1/2

Lowdown: Texans could catch Titans coming off a big Monday night win. Houston, 0-4 vs. Titans, shows signs it may be ready to turn a corner.

The pick: Texans

Chiefs (1-3) at Jaguars (3-2)

Line: Chiefs by 2 1/2

Lowdown: The Jaguars' bubble appears to have burst. The Chiefs, meanwhile, finally got serious in Baltimore.

The pick: ChiefsPackers (1-4) at Lions (3-1)

Line: Lions by 3

Lowdown: The Packers have only won three of their past 11 games in Detroit. They've rarely needed a win worse than now. Brett Favre should be at his best.

The pick: Packers


Dolphins (0-5) at Bills (0-4)

Line: Bills by 5 1/2

Lowdown: It's the early showdown for the first pick in next April's draft. The Dolphins need it more and they should get it.

The pick: Bills

Bengals (1-3) at Browns (2-3)

Line: Browns by 3

Lowdown: Bengals WR Chad Johnson wasn't getting enough attention, but that won't be a problem in Cleveland. All the Browns will be looking for him.

The pick: Browns

Vikings (3-1) at Saints (2-3)

Line: Vikings by 3 1/2

Lowdown: The Vikings probably will find a way to make this interesting and keep the stumbling Saints in it. At least they'll feel at home indoors.

The pick: Vikings

49ers (1-4) at Jets (4-0)

Line: Jets by 10

Lowdown: If the Jets focus on the 49ers, it should be easy. If they look ahead to next week's game in New England, they're in for a long day.

The pick: Jets

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