With winter nigh, take some steps to save on heating


October 17, 2004

As temperatures drop, make it a habit to be more energy-efficient to reduce heating bills.

Take advantage of heat from activities, says TipKing.com, a Web site that offers money-saving tips for households:

Cook meals to generate warmth.

When you shower, leave the bathroom door open to spread steam through your home. Still, consider halving your time in the shower.

Other suggestions:

Wear socks at home. Your feet are sensitive to cold. If you get chilly, put on a sweater or wrap yourself in a blanket before turning up the thermostat.

If you own a water bed, make your bed each morning, says the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. Covers retain heat.

Keep your thermostat a few degrees lower than usual. You won't notice much change in the temperature of your home, but you'll save on heating costs.

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