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October 14, 2004|By Ashley Burrell | By Ashley Burrell,Sun Staff

It has been almost eight years since viewers have seen TV hunk Andrew Shue as Billy Campbell on the Fox soap Melrose Place. Shue has shied away from a life of glitz and glamour as an actor for a life where he can be a dedicated father, husband and mom's advocate. Yes, a mom's advocate.

Shue and lifelong friend Michael Sanchez co-founded ClubMom, which recognizes mothers with discounts, advice and other rewards. ClubMom offers free membership to mothers, who can get savings and rebates from participating companies. The company also connects 2 million members with one another through message boards and local events.

Despite his devotion to ClubMom, Shue has not cut all ties with the entertainment industry. He's co-producing an IMAX soccer movie, influenced by his brother's death, with his sister, Oscar-nominated actress Elisabeth Shue.

What made you dedicate yourself to ClubMom?

I was anxious to come back to the East Coast and take more control of my life. In acting, you don't have control of your destiny, and you're traveling all the time. Traveling is not good for raising a family. This was an entrepreneurial venture that I'm excited about. This may not be as glamorous as acting, but it's just as rewarding.

Have you cut all ties with the entertainment world?

No, I'm working on a soccer movie called Gracie, with my sister. It's about her experience as the only girl playing on a boy's soccer team. The movie is dedicated to my brother [William Shue, who died in a 1988 swimming accident at age 26], and it should be released in the spring of '06.

What kind of impact does ClubMom really have on mothers' lives?

The program provides economic benefits where grocery stores, like Giant in Baltimore, give moms points for their purchases, which they can use for dinners out or for things that they need. It's a way of indulging moms for the hard jobs they have. The community side of the program is basically online, where overworked moms ... can get information from our bulletin boards. The voice segment is an opinion center for moms to voice their concerns. ...

What is Mom's Night Out?

Seventy-three percent of all moms are working, and this is a night where society gives them half a day to go out and see a movie or something. On this night, dads know to go and cook a pizza and give moms a night to themselves.

Tomorrow, many of Baltimore's restaurants, spas and salons are encouraging moms to enjoy a night of fun with their girlfriends as part of ClubMom's Night Out. For details, enroll in the program at www.club mom.com and visit www.club mom.com / nightout. Membership is free. Call 800-258-2666.

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