Ravens Gameday

Ravens 17, Redskins 10

October 11, 2004


Score: Redskins lead 10-0

Quarter: Third

Situation: Redskins' ball, third-and-six at their 37

Play: Reed's perfectly timed blitz triggered the Ravens' comeback. With Redskins quarterback Mark Brunell dropping back and rolling to his left, Reed - who began his blitz from 10 yards back in the secondary - came from Brunell's blind side. Reed easily beat the block of Ladell Betts and hit Brunell across the arm and on the ball as he was about to throw. Reed picked up the bouncing ball at the 22-yard line, eluded Betts' attempted tackle and ran it in for the Ravens' first score of the game.

Aftermath: Having seized the momentum, the Ravens' defense followed Reed's play with a three-and-out. Rookie B.J. Sams fielded the ensuing punt at his 22-yard line, faked a handoff to Deion Sanders, and returned the punt 78 yards for the go-ahead touchdown.

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