APG plans training exercises this week

October 10, 2004|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

In what may look and sound like an enemy invasion to residents living near Aberdeen Proving Ground, this week will be nothing more than a training exercise, or war games, as they are known in the military.

The activities are scheduled to begin Tuesday and run through Thursday, according to an announcement by the base. The exercise, which will be held during day and night hours, may take place in the base's restricted waters or in the air over both land and water. It may also include the firing of weapons and the use of multiple aircraft and watercraft.

"We put the announcement out so that residents would not be alarmed and think, `Oh my God, we are being invaded,'" said George Mercer, an APG spokesman.

In the news release, post officials said residents and boaters in surrounding communities might hear aircraft and the firing of weapons and see aircraft flying at low altitudes. Illumination devices may create flashes of light.

APG officials said that if residents have any questions about the training exercise, they should call the base at 410-278- 1147 or 800-688-8705.

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