Deaths Elsewhere

October 10, 2004

Hildy Parks Cohen,

78, the producer, writer and actress known as Hildy Parks who wrote the first 20 Tony Awards telecasts as well as 20 other television specials, including the Emmy Awards, died Thursday at the Actors Fund Home in Englewood, N.J., from complications of a recent stroke.

Ms. Parks was a partner with her husband, Alexander H. Cohen, one of the last old-time independent theatrical producers, with 101 Broadway and West End shows to his name.

Together, from 1967 to 1986, Mr. Cohen usually produced the Tonys, and Ms. Parks wrote them. As a result of the couple's work, the Tony shows were frequently held up as a model of what other award shows, such as the Oscars, ought to be: fast-paced, lively and topical.

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