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October 10, 2004|By Gailor Large | Gailor Large,Special to the Sun

Where can I find those towel-like yoga mats with the big orange dots?

The mats youM-Fre thinking of are called Skidless Yoga Mat Towels. The orange dot is the unofficial trademark of Yogitoes, the maker of this towel mat (which is meant to be used on top of your regular yoga mat to create a slip-free surface).

You can flip back and forth between the matM-Fs two sides. One side is a soft, towellike surface; the other is a pad covered in little bumps designed to target pressure points and provide traction.

You can find the machine-washable mats at

I soak in the whirlpool after my workouts, but a buddy of mine has been bugging me about it. ItM-Fs how I keep my muscles loose, but he argues that itM-Fs actually bad for me and that I should take cold showers instead. Please settle this for us.

Is hitting the hot tub after exercising as bad for you as a tub of deep-fat-fried onion rings? No. But is it the best choice? Absolutely not, says Herb Weiss, owner of Reisterstown Physical Therapy.

Yes, itM-Fs relaxing, but a whirlpool will increase any inflammation after exercise. Just as you shouldnM-Ft treat an injury with heat, says Weiss, donM-Ft hop in hot water right after a workout. If your muscles are sore, he suggests a cold bath or shower and some ibuprofen. It wonM-Ft feel as good as heat, he adds, but youM-Fll eliminate soreness faster.

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