October 10, 2004

OCT. 15

Noon: Camps open to public; Belle Grove Plantation open

1:30 p.m.: Formation

2 p.m.: Middletown Parade

4 p.m.: Tactical demonstration

7 p.m.: Descendants reception

OCT. 16

9 a.m.: Camps open to public; battalion drills

10 a.m.: Belle Grove Plantation open; Confederate cavalry demonstration; ladies fashion show and tea

11 a.m.: Union artillery demonstration

12:30 p.m.: Formation

1:30 p.m.: 2nd Kernstown Battle

3:30 p.m.: Hospital demonstration

5 p.m.: Belle Grove closed

6:30 p.m.: Candlelight tours of U.S. encampments

OCT. 17

9 a.m.: Gates open to public

10 a.m.: Church services; Catholic service in Event Tent; nondenominational in camps

11 a.m.: Belle Grove Plantation open; cavalry battle

11:30 a.m.: Formation

12:30 p.m.: Battle of Cedar Creek, Confederate attack; lull with skirmishers and cavalry probes; hospital demonstration; Battle of Cedar Creek Union counterattack

4 p.m.: Belle Grove closed

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