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October 03, 2004|By Gailor Large | By Gailor Large,Special to the Sun

I hate lugging my gym bag back and forth to the gym and having to plan workout days in advance. Can I pay my health club extra money to get a permanent locker?

At most gyms, this is simply a space issue. Membership usually exceeds the number of available lockers, but some larger gyms do offer locker rental. At the Merritt Downtown Athletic Club, for instance, $27.50-$44 will buy you your own locker for one year (but the locker space is not in the main locker room).

If your health club has a strict policy against permanent lockers (some will even use cutters to remove your lock if left overnight), use the trunk of your car instead. Always keep one clean outfit, a pair of shoes, a bottle of water and shower supplies stocked.

If your lunch date stands you up or your last meeting of the day cancels, you'll have the freedom to squeeze in a quick workout.

My dog goes running with me every morning. He's like my child, and I totally pamper him. I heard that they now make energy bars for dogs. They don't have them at my pet store or supermarket. Where can I buy them, assuming they actually exist?

Energy bars for dogs -- who knew?

According to Andrea Davis, a communications representative for retail chain PetsMart, "this is definitely a product that consumers are becoming more aware of, especially now that [energy bars] are becoming more popular among people."

Some small pet stores may not carry them yet, but brands like Purina's Pro Plan Performance Bar and Vive Energy Bar for Dogs are already lining the shelves at larger pet stores. At around $2-$3 apiece, these small bars are packed with vitamins and minerals and designed for active dogs.

What's next, puppy Pilates?

Please recommend a few health and fitness magazines that aren't all "glammed up." I don't need fancy models and fashion tips mixed in with my health news.

The truth is, many health and fitness magazines do sport attractive cover models to boost sales. Prevention, Better Nutrition and Health Magazine may fit the bill for you, but even they have their share of fanfare.

For straight health news without the bells and whistles, two choices are Yahoo Health ( or MSN Health ( You can search by topic for detailed information and get the latest news and trends in health, fitness and nutrition.

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