October 02, 2004

Area baseball fans now have a choice

I have attended hundreds of Orioles games in good seasons and bad ones, rooted for the Orioles when I lived in other states, and even owned season tickets during a few seasons.

John Eisenberg's column of Sept. 25 ["Fans' lack of D.C. angst has root cause on field"] was right on target in describing the frustration we Orioles fans have felt for the past 10 years, and accurately identifies the specific cause of the franchise's never-ending woes.

The owner simply has no confidence in the people he hires to run the baseball team. As long as he continues to meddle in baseball operations and decisions, the team will succeed only by accident.

I welcome the addition of a National League team in Washington, so I will have a choice. And I reluctantly intend to exercise that choice.

Mr. Angelos should know that his actions have turned at least one Orioles fan, who lives in the Baltimore market, into a comparison shopper.

David Robinette Pasadena

Put `Baltimore' back on O's road uniforms

Now that our neighbors to the south have a franchise to call their own, it's time for Orioles owner Peter Angelos to do the right thing.

Starting with the first road game of 2005, he should return the word "Baltimore" in place of the word "Orioles" on the team's traveling gray uniforms.

Ted Lingelbach Parkville

With Angelos at helm, O's won't be contender

I read an article earlier this year in The Sun about how Peter Angelos had little to do with the actual running of the team and that it was wrong for the ticket-buying faithful to blame his "micro-managing" for the Orioles' continued ineptitude on the field. Recent reports seem to contradict this.

The manager might be fired, and the farm director and the head of scouting have been fired. Let's see ... the manager has never been allowed to hire his own coaches, and the others were told whom to select with the first-round pick in the baseball draft!

The organization once hailed as a model to be imitated continues to be laughed at as one of the worst in baseball - all because the owner knows more than his baseball professionals.

The Orioles need continuity and direction from baseball- savvy professionals, not an egomaniacal owner. I'm afraid the Orioles will never challenge the Yankees or the Red Sox with Angelos at the helm.

Reed Cooke Timonium

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