Beating Colts in '69 Super Bowl never boring topic with Namath

September 30, 2004|By FROM STAFF REPORTS

Joe Namath, in an interview last night with Dan Marino on HBO's Real Sports, said he never gets tired of talking about the legendary guarantee of the New York Jets' 1969 Super Bowl victory over the Baltimore Colts.

"No way," Namath said. "Don Larsen, who pitched a perfect game for the New York Yankees [in 1956], came up with the perfect answer. I was standing there and someone asked Don, `Do you ever get tired of talking about your perfect game,' and Don said, 'Why should I?' "

Marino asked Namath if the Jets played the Colts in the Super Bowl 10 times in 1969, how many times would the Jets have won? "They were a great team," Namath said of the Colts. "No doubt at that. And really, I honest to gosh felt this way: If we had played 10 times, the Colts might've won one."

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