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September 30, 2004|By Annie Linskey

Hometown: Baltimore

Current members: Kevin Beasley (Ogun). Ammo (Eddie Green) and Profound (Rashon Moore) also perform with Ogun.

Founded in: 1999

Style: Hip-hop

Influenced by: Gang Starr, Nas, Jay-Z

Notable: The word Ogun (pronounced ogoon) comes from the Yoruba religion. It means the spirit of iron or the spirit of war. Beasley, however, doesn't practice Yoruba.

Quotable: Beasley on his niche: "I don't kill people in my songs. A lot of hip-hop is about how many people you kill in a song." His songs do contain a narrative. "I like to start at one point and have a direct destination."

Check out Ogun on Saturday at the Vault. Doors open at 9 p.m., Ogun is scheduled to go on at 11 p.m. Tickets are $10. The Vault is at 401 W. Baltimore St. For more information, call 410-244-6000 or visit

For more information about Ogun, visit

-- Annie Linskey

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