They're wild about wasabi

September 29, 2004|By Bill Daley | Bill Daley,CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Food manufacturers just love wasabi, using this Japanese rhizome (or cheaper American horseradish) to jazz up oils, mayonnaise, dressings, crackers, nuts and even jams.

Those looking to experience the trend can find wasabi products in a variety of locations, from neighborhood supermarkets to fancy food stores and Asian markets.

Here are some of the wasabi products to look for:

Hime Japanese horseradish powder, $2.80 to $4 an ounce. This powder makes a green paste with a flavor as bold as its bright green color. Available online at

Southern Tsunami Grated Sushi Wasabi, $2.95 for a 1.59-ounce tube. This paste includes a sweetener, corn oil, salt and coloring agents.

Trader Joe's Wasabi Mayonnaise, $2.70 for a 12-ounce jar. This product manages to balance the richness of mayonnaise with the zing of wasabi.

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