Ravens Gameday

Ravens 23, Bengals 9

September 27, 2004



Score: Ravens lead 17-9

Quarter: Fourth

Situation: Ravens' ball, first-and-10 at their 25-yard line

Play: The Bengals had the momentum, having scored nine consecutive points to cut the Ravens' lead to eight. The Ravens came out with two tight ends, looking to push the Bengals to their right and create a cutback run for Jamal Lewis. Fullback Alan Ricard (39) went in motion to the right. Quarterback Kyle Boller handed off to Lewis at the 19. Lewis took a quick stutter step to his left to avoid the tackle of the Bengals' Justin Smith (90), who was ridden out on the play by Terry Jones (82). Lewis then took a step back to his right, burst through three Bengals at the 25, cut across the field and easily outraced the Bengals to the end zone.

Aftermath: The touchdown gave the Ravens a comfortable 14-point lead with 8:45 remaining in the game.


20 -- Difference in average starting position for Ravens (own 42-yard line) and Bengals (own 22).

247 -- Ravens' combined return yardage on four punts, three kickoffs and three interceptions.

100.7 -- Kyle Boller's QB rating (second time over 100 in career; both against Bengals).

254 -- Yards rushing by Ravens on 34 attempts (7.5 average)

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