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September 26, 2004|By Maria Blackburn | Maria Blackburn,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

On the go and refreshed

Being beautiful isn't easy. And it requires a lot of stuff. But Comodynes aims to simplify the road to diva-dom with a line of makeup remover, sunless tanner, toner, after-sun products and deodorant / antiperspirant towels that come individually packaged in small foil packets.

Perfect for weekend getaways, tiny purses or to stash at the office, Comodynes are easy to use, convenient, economical and practical. (Think Wet Naps without the icky alcohol smell.) Comodynes makeup remover comes in four varieties: original, oats, burdock and dermatological.

And the three newest products -- Energy Mask: Anti-Fatigue Effect (a beauty mask to make you look not so sleepy); Beauty-Flash: Radiant Effect (a toner); and Hydra Stick: Fresh Effect, (a moisturizing, oil-free face treatment) -- are just right for freshening up after too much travel and too little sleep.

Comodynes products cost from $6.50 to $13 and are available at the Cos- metics Counter in Timonium or at

Can-do soap

The layer of slime on the underbelly of that bar soap in the guest bathroom is less than appetizing, to say the least. But what's a host to do -- take away all soaps? Put out stolen mini-bars from the Hilton? Use the gel stuff in the pump that you buy at the supermarket?

No. No. And no.

Say goodbye to the slime and do the right thing by getting a can of Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta Powder Soap. The softening powder soap blends the freshness of Italian citrus, with floral and spice scents. It's enriched with emollient rice starch and softening talc, and all it takes is just a tap of the can and a splash of water to turn the fragrant powder into clouds of airy lather. It's as versatile as it is practical -- use it to wash hands, sprinkle it in bathwater or tote it into the shower.

Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta Powder Soap costs $32 for a 5.2-ounce canister and is available at Neiman-Marcus stores and at

Light touch on the lid

As long as we're talking packaging here, we might as well let you know about the latest thing to hit eye shadow since frost blue came back into vogue. Stila shadow pots are filled with eye shadow that combines the lightness of powder with the ease of cream. The result? A shimmering lid with no creasing. Wear one shade or layer on a few. Apply it with a brush or with your finger. The shimmery glow looks great whatever you do.

Stila shadow pots come in more than a dozen colors and cost $20 each. They are available at and at Nordstrom stores.

Cell sack

Your cell phone is ringing with that cute little ditty "God Save the Queen" but because you can't find the darned thing in the bottom of your voluminous magenta mock-croc tote, you're treating your officemates to the concert from hell.

Stop the madness with the Poire cell phone pouch -- a petite fabric sack just big enough for your cell phone that can be attached to your purse strap or belt, or carried solo. The pouch comes in solids, stripes and lots of fun prints and is non-leather, vegan and cruelty free. Which at least attempts to make up for all the little mock crocodiles that suffered to make you your fab handbag in the firstplace.

Poire cell phone pouches cost $15 and are available online at Alternative Outfitters,

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