School Menus

September 26, 2004

Lunch, all schools

Tomorrow: Rib-B-Q sub, Mexican pizza, chicken nuggets and roll with potato wedges, vegetables and cold fruit.

Tuesday: Pizza, corn dog, hamburger with oven rounds, coleslaw and chilled fruit.

Wednesday: Steak sub, chicken sandwich, sausage 'n' biscuit with oven fries, vegetables and fruit.

Thursday: Turkey sub, taco with hard or soft shell and roll, toasted cheese sandwich with potato wedges, side salad and arctic fruit.

Friday: Pizza, manwich sub, fish nuggets and roll with vegetables, carrot sticks and cold fruit.

Secondary schools offer a la carte items, including turkey, vegetarian, cheese steak and ham subs; pizza; Mexican foods; salads; baked potatoes; sloppy Joes; corn dogs; hot dogs; spaghetti; ravioli; and burgers.

Note: Meals include a choice of fruit, vegetables and milk.

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