Plan increasing credits for graduation is modified

September 26, 2004|By Liz F. Kay | Liz F. Kay,SUN STAFF

A proposal to increase the number of credits needed to graduate from Anne Arundel County high schools has been slightly modified to require more electives, school system officials said last week.

Students currently need 22 credits. A committee of educators, parents and students examining the requirements has recommended that the number be increased to 26, adding a credit of math, 1.5 elective credits and a half-credit of physical education.

The original proposal also had required a study-skills course and a basic personal-finance course, each worth a half-credit.

In response to suggestions and comments from parents and others, the committee now recommends that those two courses be optional.

Students would be required to take one more credit of electives to adjust for that change and complete 26 credits, said Lynn Whittington, director of curriculum and chairwoman of the committee.

With the change, students can take the study-skills and personal-finance courses, or electives worth a full credit.

In a related matter, the school system would design an advanced personal-finance course that is also worth a half-credit. Together, the basic and advanced courses would count as a full math credit, Whittington said.

Members of the school board will consider the proposal at their meeting Oct. 6 at the school system's Annapolis headquarters.

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