Letters to the Editor


September 26, 2004

Those who vandalize political signs deal a blow to freedom

Freedom of speech is the corner stone of our democracy. Many freedom of speech challenges have been fought in court in recent years, and freedom has prevailed. Unfortunately, there are people in Howard County who believe freedom of speech does not apply to their opponents or supporters of their opponents.

Howard County residents use yard signs to show support for candidates who are aligned with beliefs they hold. These signs are used as an expression of speech to show friends and neighbors who they believe is the best candidate for a specific office.

In the past two weeks, there have been several vicious attacks on our basic freedoms by people who believe they are more righteous then their neighbors. Salazar signs are disappearing from front lawns at an alarming rate. Four Bush/Cheney signs along the Rt. 40 corridor have been defaced with red paint and repeatedly destroyed.

Other Bush/Cheney signs around Ellicott City and Columbia have been destroyed or stolen by people who have no understanding, or concern for the effect their selfish, malicious acts have on our basic freedoms. Freedoms only they, obviously feel, have a right to exercise.

To the voters who believe in freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and freedom of the press, go to the polls on Nov. 2 and VOTE. Vote for the candidate of your choice and let the process work as it was designed. Don't allow the ignorance of a few determined individuals undermine and suppress the rights of the majority.

For those of you who believe theft and destruction are the only ways to win an election, beware. You might get a government for which you didn't bargain.

John Wafer


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