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September 22, 2004

Executives at ABC hoped the 56th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards would put some muscle behind the network's new fall lineup. Instead, the show delivered the weakest ratings in more than a decade.

Sunday's telecast was the least-watched Emmy ceremony since 1990, with an average of nearly 14 million total viewers, according to early figures from Nielsen Media Research. That's a 22 percent slide from last year's ceremony on Fox, which itself delivered lower-than-expected ratings. The network estimated that approximately 30 million viewers tuned in to at least part of the three-hour ceremony.

Whatever the reason, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox - which rotate Emmy telecasts annually - might find it difficult to get top dollar for future Emmys. Ad were said to have cost $550,000 per 30-second spot.

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Last week's top TV shows, according to A.C. Nielsen Co.:


1 CSI CBS 22.3

2 Survivor CBS 20.1

3 Monday Night Football: Green Bay vs. Carolina ABC 18.8

4 Will & Grace NBC 16.6

5 Without a Trace CBS 16.1

6 60 Minutes CBS 16.0

7 The Apprentice 2 NBC 15.9

8 Joey NBC 15.4

9 NFL Monday Showcase ABC 15.3

10 Siegfried and Roy: Miracle NBC 14.5

11 Emmy Awards ABC 13.8

12 LAX NBC 13.0

13 Cold Case CBS 12.8

14 Las Vegas NBC 12.0

15 CSI: Miami (Sunday) CBS 11.5

16 20/20 ABC 10.8

17 Law & Order: SVU NBC 10.7

18 CSI: Miami (Wed.) CBS 10.4

19 Fear Factor NBC 10.3

19 (tie) Everybody Loves Raymond CBS 10.3

19 (tie) The Amazing Race CBS 10.3

*The listing gives estimated number of viewers (in millions) for each show last week.

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