Injured Jonathan Ogden still able to hold the line


September 21, 2004|By Brent Jones | The Baltimore Sun

Jonathan Ogden played all the way during the Ravens' 30-13 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday on an injured knee, but who could tell?

Ogden did not allow a sack, kept outside linebacker Joey Porter (only three tackles) in check and helped pave the way for a 172-yard rushing effort.

"It didn't feel great," Ogden said. "I didn't feel like I was close to 100 percent. It's still sore, but sometimes you've got to go with what ails you in this game. I thought I was able to give them something, and I gave them enough for us to get the win."

And enough to stabilize an offensive line that looked to be in shambles a week earlier when he was not in the lineup.

Ogden will still have to fight through the pain Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals and possibly beyond.

"It will probably be another two weeks or so," Ogden said. "That's just the way it goes. When you come back the first time, you are not 100 percent, but thankfully it's an injury that does heal. I had it before in my right knee. So hopefully by the Monday night game [Oct. 4, Kansas City Chiefs] or the game after that against the Redskins, it will be 100 percent."

The offensive line looked much like its bullying self of a year ago with Ogden back, knocking the Steelers around for runs on 10 of the 11 plays in the opening touchdown drive.

"It was good having him back," left guard Edwin Mulitalo said. "I was excited.

"There were a lot of good blocks. Whenever we all did our assignments, it was good."

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