Oakland Mills group plans to hire development officer

September 21, 2004

The Oakland Mills Partnership Group, under the auspices of the Enterprise Foundation, will hire a community development officer to help launch the Oakland Mills Revitalization Plan.

The draft of the revitalization plan is the outcome of an Oakland Mills town hall meeting held Feb. 7, when 160 residents met to discuss their vision for the community's future and identified actions needed to accomplish it.

With facilitation by AmericaSpeaks, the residents selected four issues - community growth, education, housing and safety - that they deemed essential to creating an attractive and healthy community, with thriving businesses, well-maintained open space, support for youths and community participation.

As a result of the Town Hall meeting, the partnership group determined that a community development officer could reach out to and engage residents in shaping the village. The community development officer will help implement community-building initiatives and improve communication by connecting residents to one another, the community and surrounding Columbia villages.

Information: Dana Bourland, 410-772-3072 or visit www.enter prisefoundation.org/oakland mills.

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