Team Rankings

September 19, 2004|By Joe Christensen

1. Cardinals (1)

Jason Marquis just lost for the first time in 19 starts. And you wonder why they're so good.

2. Yankees (3)

Boston is in town, so this ranking is subject to change.

3. Red Sox (2)

Poor Grady Little. This bunch looks so much better than last year's squad.

4. Twins (7)

Rookie Justin Morneau brings back memories of Kent Hrbek, circa 1982.

5. Braves (4)

Cruising to 13th straight postseason without breaking a sweat.

6. Athletics (5)

Fans went to see a baseball game and a WWE Smackdown broke out.

7. Angels (6)

Vladimir Guerrero has been everything they thought he would be.

8. Dodgers (8)

Starting to fade, but Brad Penny could be back on the mound by Wednesday.

9. Cubs (9)

30-home run club includes Aramis Ramirez, Moises Alou, Derrek Lee and Sammy Sosa.

10. Giants (12)

Now the focus shifts from Barry Bonds to the wild-card race.

11. Astros (10)

Think how good they would have been with a healthy Andy Pettitte.

12. Marlins (11)

Jeff Conine on their brutal schedule: "It'll make the playoffs all the more sweet."

13. Padres (13)

Kicking themselves for not putting more heat on the Dodgers in July and August.

14. Rangers (15)

Frankie Francisco needs that chair back now. He'll be sitting for quite a while.

15. Phillies (14)

Kevin Millwood returns to the mound today for the first time since Aug. 5.

16. White Sox (16)

Miffed at the way the Twins keep rubbing their noses in it.

17. Indians (17)

Who were those impostors who had the division lead down to one game on Aug. 15?

18. Orioles (18)

Never seen a team so determined to finish third.

19. Tigers (19)

Could draw 2 million fans for first time since Comerica Park opened in 2000.

20. Reds (22)

Ryan Freel has started at least 10 games at five different positions.

21. Pirates (20)

Khalil Greene's injury bolsters Jason Bay's Rookie of the Year chances.

22. Brewers (21)

Newspapers replace NL Central standings with Sausage Race results.

23. Mets (24)

Don't weep for Art Howe. He'll make $4.7 million through 2006 for doing zilch.

24. Devil Rays (27)

Scott Kazmir showed the Red Sox why he's a future ace.

25. Rockies (23)

Still owed $119 million, Todd Helton tries to stay patient while they rebuild again.

26. Expos (26)

"Just another day at the office," Frank Robinson said of Montreal's trip to Chicago to play Florida.

27. Blue Jays (25)

Went 2-7 against the Orioles at SkyDome this year.

28. Mariners (28)

Ichiro Suzuki gives us a reason to study the career of George Sisler.

29. Royals (29)

Managed to play spoilers against the Yankees for a day.

30. Diamondbacks (30)

Randy Johnson, 42, getting better with age.-

(Last week's ranking in parentheses)

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