Letters to the Editor


September 19, 2004

Columbia's dream: Keep it alive in the post-Rouse era

James Rouse is dead.

The Rouse Co. in Columbia is no more.

Columbia is beset by competing developers, politicians, and big box store corporations.

The children of Columbia, the children of Rouse, who have so long been watched over and protected, are children no more.

The dream is dead; long live the dream.

It's time for citizens - not residents, but citizens - of Columbia, to awaken from childhood and take their place as the masters of Columbia's destiny. It is now up to us to keep the dream alive and not let our home become prey to ... some alien corporate board.

It's time for citizens of Columbia to accept the awesome responsibility of shaping and guiding Columbia's future and not leave it to the whims of others.

It's time for us to make the dream ours.

How best to do this? By making Columbia ours. By uniting all of Columbia together under a single governance. By becoming a city unto itself (Perhaps through incorporation). So that whatever happens to Columbia ... becomes a matter for Columbia's citizens to decide - and not by private corporations and local politicians who serve those who fund their election coffers.

We are Columbia, and we should make Columbia - and the dream - ours.

The dream is dead; long live the dream!

Michael Cornell


Co-chair, Maryland Green Party

Fred Campbell


Coordinator, Howard County Green Party

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