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September 19, 2004|By Maria Blackburn | Maria Blackburn,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

A little gift for the senses

LM-FOccitane makes heavenly scented beauty products and candles that exude such heady fragrances as lavender, vanilla and oranges. And for a limited time M-y this month only M-y the company is making available an apple puree-scented candle with a cause. A portion of the proceeds from the $22 candle will benefit the American Foundation for the Blind. LM-FOccitane products are available at and at the LM-FOccitane boutique in BethesdaM-Fs Montgomery Mall.

Ponchos keep their punch

ItM-Fs true: the poncho, one of the biggest trends of the summer, has hung around for fall to become hot again. WeM-Fve seen them sized for toddlers and teens, crafted from cashmere and cotton, fringed and plain. But not everyone is instantly attracted to the look. Maybe you think itM-Fs sloppy or too retro.

We want to change your mind. Here, in brief, are three reasons why you need to reconsider the poncho this fall:

1. Ponchos cover all. Just think, wear a poncho and no one will ever know that underneath it youM-Fre wearing that wrinkled shirt that you picked up at Target for $5 four years ago.

2. Ponchos are warm, but not too warm. Fall is hot, then cold, then hot again. Be prepared with a lightweight layer that is easy to add or shed, depending on the temperature.

3. Look, Ma, no arms. Just as mittens keep you warmer than gloves, ponchos help seal in body heat so that you stay warm without adding bulk. This is a good thing, even if it does mean that you have to exchange your backpack for a purse on poncho days.

Poncho, by Rocket 898, available at Nordstrom.

Perfume that keeps up with you

LetM-Fs say youM-Fre heading out for a night on the town and youM-Fre in a major rush. You run a brush through your hair, swipe on a little lipstick, brush some powder across your cheeks and youM-Fre out the door. Then, in the car, it hits you: YouM-Fve forgotten to spritz.

Now you can have a second chance at perfume M-y Chanel Chance, that is. Chance, a freshly floral, sensual scent with notes of hyacinth, white musk, citron and patchouli, now comes in a dainty mini-spray thatM-Fs so sleek and small you can leave it in your evening bag for those needed touchups a la auto.

The Chanel Chance twist and spray mini atomizer costs $65 at

Chimps & Champs

ItM-Fs just crazy how much we love that monkey.

Julius, the chimp who graces many of Paul FrankM-Fs hip T-shirts, pajamas, purses and lingerie, is so cute, so whimsical, so chimpy. Sure, after a few years of seeing the simian everywhere, youM-Fd think weM-Fd tire of him, but the monkey has staying power.

Julius, though a major part of Paul Frank, isnM-Ft only what the companyM-Fs about. For example, the menM-Fs line for fall features tailored shapes and slim cuts evocative of the stuff indie rockers scoop up at thrift stores. Only newer. And not so smelly. And for women, look for nylon camouflage print jackets, vinyl applique belts that state M-tSingleM-v and cool, colorful V-neck sweaters. As for Julius, look for him on green vinyl handbags, 220- thread count sheet sets, on Pro- Keds sneakers and on fundie (fun underwear) sets.

Paul Frank clothing is available at Nordstrom stores; for more information, go to www.

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