September 18, 2004

There's no comparison between Ravens, O's

Laura Vecsey's column on Tuesday ["Ravens: more yardage from hype than offense"] compared the Ravens to the woeful Orioles, making statements about poor offensive play-calling and mismanagement of quarterback Kyle Boller.

With this column, Ms. Vecsey has revealed a deep lack of basic sports knowledge. To compare the current Ravens to the current Orioles shows a severe lack of attention to the Baltimore sports landscape.

The Ravens are one of the most well-run organizations in professional sports. The scouting is superb and the coaching staff equally so.

The Orioles are owned and run by an egomaniac with no direction who fires the manager every month while crazily hiring two general managers to do a job that must be done by one person.

The Orioles have fundamental inherent problems. The Ravens' only problem is a bad first-week performance.

Andy Dale Baltimore

Ravens' Billick puts public relations first

Laura Vecsey was correct on the Ravens, and when you have a "public relations" coach who won't shut his mouth and just coach, you expect this.

Any coach who loses a game usually never talks more than he must, due to the loss. Brian Billick, on the other hand, just keeps on talking to make himself look good.

Remember one thing: Billick did not win the Super Bowl. The Lewises did - then-defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis and linebacker Ray Lewis.

Billick is not a winner and never will be.

Paul Lombardi Parkville

Fans don't have right to be crude, insulting

I respectfully disagree in one respect with John Eisenberg's column of Wednesday ["One line players can't cross is the fans' "] regarding the incident between fans in Oakland and the Texas Rangers.

Buying a ticket gives the fan but one privilege - to attend the event for which he purchased the ticket.

You buy a ticket to a movie, you don't have the right to smoke, use cell phones, scream at the top of your lungs or behave rudely in general. If you do so, you get kicked out.

The problem is that teams have bought into this ridiculous notion that buying a ticket brings with it complete freedom of speech. So what we have now is this culture in which fans feel they have the right to say anything they want to athletes, no matter how crude or insulting.

If teams had the guts to enforce codes of conduct, stuff like this would not happen.

Walt Hollman Jr. Baltimore

Last thing O's need is managerial change

I hope that those so-called close associates of Peter Angelos who said he's reserving judgment on manager Lee Mazzilli are making a bad joke ["Angelos reserves judgment on Mazzilli," Wednesday].

Angelos has no baseball judgment. He needs to pay more attention to Mike Flanagan, his hand-picked co-general manager. The last thing the Orioles players need right now is another managerial change.

Better yet, Angelos needs to pay closer attention to one of his former managers, pitching coach, Ray Miller. Besides pitching, Miller knows a thing or two about what it takes to be a manager.

I suspect he's also advising Mazzilli on pitching decisions, another baseball matter Angelos knows nothing about.

Miller, who's not looking for another manager's job, got it right about Mazzilli. The Orioles need consistency and one or two more experienced starting pitchers. Not another manager.

Len Arzt Silver Spring

Orioles, fans deserve better than Angelos

I wanted to comment on the following quote and dismal situation for Orioles fans and players.

"It's disheartening," David Newhan said. "You go into New York and it's hard enough playing them. Then you come back home and you have absolutely no home-field advantage. You've got 40 grand and it feels like it's an away game here."

Is this the 25 percent fan support from the Washington area that Peter Angelos fears that might break the bank in Baltimore if Washington gets a franchise?

If Angelos had a team worth supporting, the Yankees fans wouldn't be able to get tickets. The Orioles' players deserve better than this, and so does Washington.

Kevin P. Hendon Ellicott City

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